The ear company is a first-of-its-kind all-inclusive hearing aid retailer for people of all ages. We are a high-tech company that deals in fashionable and elegant hearing aid of almost every leading brand available in India. Since the beginning of our business, we have been known to sell the best types of hearing aid technologies. The ear company is an Indian startup based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, intending to make listening a commodity for everyone. We specialize in creating great hearing aids for everyone, with excellent voice clarity, AI assistance, and Rechargeable batteries on the road.

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We at the ear company believe in staying true to our roots and principles. We abide by rules and make sure our surrounding does too. We are an integral part of society, and we follow standards with integrity and keep our initiatives focused on people's goodwill.


The ear company is nothing but a corporation that is focused on recruiting consumers who appreciate advanced technology and the ease of use of our everyday tools. We at the ear company sell products with innovative designs that are simple and portable.

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Karnjiva Clinic was approached by us. This place provided us with excellent advice. We implemented the advice offered to us, and my family member's hearing problems improved noticeably. The clinic is in excellent condition. During consultations, there was no hurry. During consultations, we were allotted enough time. All of our inquiries were well-received. Before coming here, we visited a number of large hospitals in Jaipur, and I found the Karnjiva Hearing and Speech Clinic to be far superior to them.

Karn Jiva Clinic provided me with a pair of ReSound hearing aids for my father. They're fantastic. Dr. Karan made him try three different models and spent a lot of time getting to know his problem and fine-tuning the aids. He also took a long time with us to explain the audiometry results and how hearing aids function in general. I've gone to another audiologist before, but Dr.Karan is by far the best

Friendly, competent, and dedicated staff...excellent clinic for hearing aid purchasing and care... If you want good service and a good product, go ahead...the staff makes sure the customer is happy and spends time programming the hearing aid till you are comfortable and satisfied...

Karan Vasnani,

Founder &CEO

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founder's Desk

I have envisioned bringing ethical practice by engaging with the most highly qualified professionals in providing the best hearing care by prescribing you the highest quality hearing aids at the best affordable price. Our mission is to reach every person with hard hearing and make them hear the sounds and conversations like never before.