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What are the causes of hearing loss?

Many factors can cause hearing loss, such as the aging process, heredity, disease, exposure to noise, and buildup of earwax, among others.

What can I do to protect my hearing?

Protect yourself from extremely loud noise or prolonged exposure to even moderately loud noise as they can cause permanent damage to the tiny hair cells inside the cochlea. If your surroundings are loud enough that you must raise your voice to be heard, then the noise is loud enough to damage your ears - wear earplugs or other protective gear.

How does a hearing aid work?

Modern hearing aids transform incoming sound into digital binary code (0’s and 1’s). This information can then be manipulated by the signal processing chip inside the hearing aid. Once the signal processing is done, the digital signal is returned to an analog signal. This is then sent to the speaker of the hearing aid and is heard by the user.

Hearing aids come in different styles? How to Choose best Suitable?

The Ear Company has a variety of hearing aids with different features and functions to address your needs. Our hearing care professional or A Certified Audiologists can help you select the type of hearing aid best for your hearing loss and lifestyle. View our full line of products here.

Which hearing aid style should I choose?

The right hearing aid for you depends on your hearing loss, lifestyle, and technological and cosmetic requirements. Your hearing care professional will review your requirements and recommend hearing aids based on your hearing loss, your audiogram, and fitting requirements.
How can I know if I should wear one or two hearing aids?
Using one or two hearing aids depends on your hearing loss. However, research shows that speech is easier to understand when hearing aids are worn in both ears. Whether in normal environments or noisy situations, while one hearing aid hones in on speech, the other diminish background noise. Two hearing aids also help with localization or recognizing where sounds are coming from.

What is the price of hearing aids?

The price of hearing aids varies quite a lot and depends on the style, the high-tech features, service, and maintenance as well as your country's healthcare system.
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How should I care for my hearing aids?

Here are some tips:

  • Turn off your hearing aid before going to bed
  • Leave the battery door open at night to allow internal components to dry
  • Keep your hearing aids away from extreme heat or cold
  • Remove your hearing aids before using hairspray, spray perfume, shaving lotions, and other products
  • Handle your hearing aids gently. If your hearing aids fall on the floor or hit a hard substance, let your hearing care professional know to make sure they’re not damaged
  • Never immerse your hearing aids and protect them from water or high humidity
  • Keep your hearing aids out of the reach of your children and pets
  • What should I do if my hearing aids get wet?
  • Leave wet hearing aids to dry out in a dehumidifier or with a drying agent (desiccator). Contact your hearing care professional for assistance in severe situations.

How should I clean my hearing aids?

Use a soft, damp (but not wet) cloth and/or approved cleaning agents to wipe your hearing aids. Avoid using alcohol or solvents to clean your hearing aids. Clean the receiver tube and receiver dome in your ‘Behind-the-Ear’ style hearing aids. Contact your hearing care provider if there is a wax buildup on your ear domes or custom ear molds that are difficult to wipe away.

Where can I purchase hearing aid batteries?

Hearing aid batteries can be purchased at The Ear Company or from your hearing care professional’s clinic, some drug stores, and online stores We at The Ear Company Provides you free hearing aid batteries for atleast two years which no one is doing.